It’s happened to the best of us: You walk into the store to grab a quick item for dinner and return to the car. Then you put the key in the ignition only to have nothing happen. The battery is dead, and you need to get it serviced.

But how do you avoid this situation in the future? Keep reading to learn the signs that you may need Toyota battery service in Columbia, South Carolina before it’s too late.

5 Signs That Suggest Battery Service is in Your Future

Old age

If your battery is more than three years old, it should be checked annually to ensure it’s still delivering the power your vehicle needs.

Tough to start

When you attempt to start your car, truck, or SUV, is it difficult to turn over? Does the cranking seem sluggish or just take longer than normal to start the vehicle? If it’s slow to start during the warm summer months, it will only be worse when the weather gets cooler.

Low battery fluid level

When you peek through the translucent part of the battery casing, do you see the fluid level sitting below the lead plates? If so, the battery and the charging system need to be inspected.

Battery leak

If you see corrosion around the posts, clean away the buildup to ensure a proper connection to the cables.

Check engine light

If your Check Engine light turns on without warning or reason, it’s entirely possible that a weak battery is the culprit.

Get Your Battery Checked in Columbia, SC

Schedule service for your Toyota battery at Fred Anderson Toyota of Columbia to ensure your vehicle is ready to start when you need it to.