Making sure your car is up to date with its maintenance schedule is an easy way to keep it on the road for years to come. While big repairs seem to weigh the most on our minds, it’s often the seemingly small repairs that have the biggest impact in the long run. Keeping your vehicle on a maintenance schedule is a great idea, whether you’re driving a new car off the lot or a hand-me-down with plenty of miles on it already.

Here are some simple steps toward keeping your vehicle in great shape.

Make Time for Maintenance

Get an oil change

Simply put, oil keeps your engine up and running. It’s used to lubricate the metal engine parts, which helps keep wear from forming. Detergents within engine oil even help break apart engine deposits, reducing the buildup of sludge.

While today’s vehicles generally don’t need oil changes every 3,000 miles as they have in years past, it’s still important to keep your oil fresh and your oil level high. This is one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your engine.

Replace worn brake pads

When it comes to safety, properly working brakes are paramount. As brake pads begin to wear down, your vehicle won’t be able to stop as quickly.

Many cars these days are designed with wear indicators on their disc brakes. These indicators make a squealing noise when the pad has begun to wear, allowing you to know when a replacement is needed.

Replacing brake pads at the beginning signs of wear is not only safe but can help save money. Deeper grooves (or scoring) created from wear on your brake pads may result in damage to your rotors, adding to your bill.

Rotate your tires

Tire rotation is important because, on most vehicles, the tread will not wear evenly. Rotating your tires results in a more even distribution, helping prevent sliding on wet surfaces.

Tire rotation is a simple procedure that takes your rear tires and moves them to the front (often switching their sides in the process) and moves your front tires to the rear. In all-wheel drive vehicles, a noticeable difference in tread depth can cause major repairs down the road, as stress is added to the drivetrain.

Schedule Basic Maintenance in Columbia, SC

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